Medical Evacuation Insurance

Why is Medical Evacuation Insurance Important?

No one wants to consider what could happen if they become sick or injured while traveling. However, emergencies can arise at any time. If a patient is critically ill and needs to be transferred to another facility or wishes to continue care at a facility closer to their home, a medical evacuation is required.

Typical health insurance policies may only provide limited coverage when traveling overseas. It is wise to purchase a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan to cover emergency care, but most of these plans do not cover a medical evacuation. Depending on the patient’s condition and the distance to their destination, a medical evacuation could cost $100,000 or more out-of-pocket.

The low cost of a medical evacuation insurance policy far outweighs the potential financial risk associated with traveling internationally without coverage. There are several types of plans available on the market, so it is wise is evaluate each plan to determine which provides the best coverage for your needs.

Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Medical Evacuation Insurance Policy
  • Does the plan allow you to be evacuated to the hospital of your choosing or just the closest appropriate facility?
  • Who makes the decision if you will be evacuated?
  • Are there restrictions for adventure travel or engaging in extreme activities (such as skydiving)?
  • Does the plan exclude any preexisting conditions?
  • Does the plan place a cap on how much coverage it will provide for a medical evacuation?
  • Does the plan have age restrictions?
What are the Limits of Medical Evacuation Insurance?

Most medical evacuation insurance policies associated with travel insurance and platinum cards will only get the ill or injured traveler to the closest appropriate hospital. There may also be restrictions for adventure travel that include something as simple as traveling to run a marathon. Travelers looking for more control in their healthcare decisions should consider an air medical membership program that offers the option to choose which hospital they will be moved to.

The Best Emergency Insurance isn’t Insurance at All

MedjetAssist is a membership program, not part of a travel emergency medical insurance, medical evacuation insurance, health insurance or travel insurance plan. As a membership program, Medjet offers more options, better services…and better value. Simply put, if you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home domestically or internationally, MedjetAssist will arrange bedside-to-bedside air medical transport to the home country hospital of your choice. It’s that easy. And all you ever pay is your membership fee—nothing more.

The Medjet Difference is Clear

Unlike medical insurance or travel emergency medical insurance companies, MedjetAssist arranges medical flight and medical repatriation services for its members, both internationally and domestically. Our members choose if they want to continue their hospital care at their home hospital or any other hospital of their choice in their home country, through our network of authorized affiliates. There are no additional costs to worry about, no mileage exclusions and no limits on total air medical transport expenses. In fact, our benefits far outweigh those from insurance providers. And where their coverage stops, ours continues.

In a travel medical emergency, most forms of travel insurance, medical evacuation insurance and even travel emergency medical insurance will stop short of getting you exactly where you want to go. You often don’t have a choice and can expect to be sent to the nearest hospital the insurance provider deems appropriate. That may mean ending up hundreds of miles away from the comforts you want and need during such a critical time. Likewise, you can expect to incur costs that can go far above and beyond those originally stated in your plan. It’s all in the fine print.

With MedjetAssist, there is no fine print and our benefits go far beyond those of any emergency medical insurance provider. Our members are not hemmed in by preexisting conditions, service territories or restrictions on the amount or type of travel they take. We have authorized affiliates around the globe poised to go virtually anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. When it comes to deciding between the limited services of an emergency medical evacuation provider or the all-encompassing services of MedjetAssist, the choice is clear—MedjetAssist.

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