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If you live in the United States, Canada or Mexico, Medjet has a membership for you. We cover individuals and families, corporations and non-profits, students, expatriates and more. We protect some of the biggest names in business and entertainment ~ we even protect the NFL when they play their games overseas. We have a membership that can protect you too!

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Medical & Transport Benefits:

Hospital to Hospital Medical Transfer for member regardless of Medical Necessity, COVID-19 Info HERE

MedjetAssist Benefit
MedjetHorizon Benefit

Members determine to which Medical Facility to be moved


All-Expenses-Paid Air Medical Transport in the United States as well as Internationally


Covers both business and personal travel


Travel Medical Emergency Referrals, Monitoring, Telephone Interpretation and Message Relay


Transfer of Mortal Remains


Emergency Medical Cash Advance


Ground Ambulance and Specialty Hospital Transfer (under 150 miles)

Travel Security and Crisis Response Benefits:

24/7 Travel Security Response and Evacuation Services due to Political Threat, Terrorism, Natural Disaster, Pandemic and Violent Crime


24/7 Crisis Response to Kidnap for Ransom, Disappearance, Wrongful Detention, Blackmail & Extortion


Trip Intelligence and e-Alerts


Legal Referrals


Regular Annual and Specialty Membership Options

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure (or both!), internationally or domestically, short-term or a year abroad, we have a membership for you. All options are available in MedjetHorizon as well as MedjetAssist.
Click on the notes icon beside the membership that interests you to see more (including full Rules and Regulations) for each.

8, 15, 21 or 30 day memberships.
Under age 75 only.
Regular Annual
Individual or Family (2 adults + up to 5 children)
Up to Age 75, less than 90 consecutive days abroad per trip.
*over Age 75 see "Diamond Annual"
Diamond Annual
Ages 75-84.
Studying domestically or studying abroad (up to 140 days)
Available for faculty too.
Live and work abroad for 180 or 365 days.
Transport for both you AND your bike.
* Note: MedjetAssist benefits do not exclude motorcycle riding. This membership adds the option of getting your bike home as well as you.
For US residents living in and traveling within the contiguous 48 states.
Corporations / Organizations
Click here to explore corporate options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t my current health or travel insurance cover air-medical transports?

The vast majority of traditional health providers do not provide coverage for air-medical transport services. If there is some coverage of this type, it will likely contain restrictions and significant out-of-pocket costs. Check with your provider for specific details.

If I want to be transported from one hospital to another in a medical situation, are all my costs covered?

As long as your membership is up to date and you meet the criteria for transport, Medjet will arrange air-medical transfer from bedside to bedside at no out-of-pocket cost to you. All you pay is your membership fee.

How is what Medjet offers different from travel insurance?

Medjet is a membership program. Unlike insurance, there are no claim forms, subrogation, or bills that show up months after your incident. You pay your membership fee, and that’s it. No red tape, no paperwork, no cost cap, no fine print.

Will Medjet stay in touch with my friends and family while I am being transported?

Yes. Medjet will stay in touch with the admitting and receiving hospitals’ medical personnel, and relay necessary information to the member–and his or her family or employer–until the situation is resolved and the member is either able to resume travel or a medical transport is initiated.

Peter Greenberg, Author/Travel Editor, CBS News
5 Star Rating

“Medjet does the best job for one very important reason. The fine-print disclaimers that you’ll find in other policies are virtually eliminated ... I strongly advise you to consider this.”