Diamond Membership
(Age 75-84)


Medjet’s Diamond membership was specially designed for travelers age 75 – 84. It requires an application (plus a brief questionnaire your doctor signs off on), and may not be purchased online. This membership level is available in both MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon options.

To receive more information and an application for Diamond Membership, please fill out the request form.  Once your Diamond application is submitted, please allow 5-7 business days for it to be reviewed.   

Helpful Hints

If you are renewing by yourself- select Diamond Individual.

If you are renewing with a spouse/partner under 75 – select Diamond Membership + spouse/partner under 75.

If you are renewing with a spouse/partner also ages 75 through 84, select Diamond Membership + spouse/partner age 75 or older.

Please allow Medjet 5-7 business days to review applications. Making sure that your application has been completed correctly before you send it in will help expedite the process.

Your primary care physician should complete pages A and B. In addition, if you have seen a specialist or been hospitalized, those physicians should complete pages A and B as well.

You are welcome to either mail, fax or email the application to Medjet.

Medjet Assistance, LLC
P.O. Box 43099
Birmingham, AL 35243

(800) 863.3538


Applications are either approved with NO exclusions, approved WITH exclusions or disapproved.

If it is approved with exclusions, the member will be contacted to discuss the exclusion and to make sure the member understands and accepts the exclusion.

If the application is disapproved. The member will be contacted by phone or letter.


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