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Sell Medjet. Earn Commissions. 

Selling Medjet Memberships is easy. And profitable. Whether you're an insurance broker, influencer/media partner, affiliate sales partner or independent entrepreneur, we have a way for you to join the hundreds of affiliates and resellers earning commissions from selling Medjet.  Signing up, and getting started, is cost free.

Medjet's Affiliate Partner is:

Broadcast, Print, Internet, Search, SMS & Email Affiliate Program

(AWIN sub-affiliates include: Share-A-Sale, Viglink, Skimlinks, Rakutan,, Brand Reward)


Affiliate & Reseller Benefits

Selling Medjet is easy. And profitable!


Commission paid on new and renewal memberships! (Call to inquire)

Custom Partner Links

For easy enrollment and accurate tracking

One Point of Contact

In case of a client emergency

Quarterly Reseller Toolkits

Sales materials, videos, social media post suggestions and more to help you sell

One Trusted Name. Two Membership Options.

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As a MedjetAssist Member, if you become hospitalized while traveling ~ domestically or internationally, 150 miles or more from home – Medjet will arrange medical transportation to a home country, or home city, hospital of your choice for inpatient care. No “medical necessity” clauses, no “acceptable facilities” clauses, no post-transport surprise bills. With emergency transport costs ranging from $30,000 to over $180,000, why risk it?

For Clients Age 75-84 contact us to learn more about Diamond.

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Short Term memberships start at $99
Annual memberships start at $315

MedjetHorizon includes all the medical benefits of a MedjetAssist Membership, plus worldwide travel security, crisis response and evacuation services. Terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, violent crime and other safety concerns are sadly a growing reality for today’s traveler. Travel safer, and travel protected, with a MedjetHorizon membership.

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Short Term memberships start at $189
Annual memberships start at $444

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