By John Gobbels, COO


UPDATED 11/25/2022 1:00 P.M. CST

Due to the current travel restrictions imposed by the People's Republic of China, including wrongful detentions, mandatory testing and forced quarantining in government operated facilities, Medjet medical transport services are currently suspended until further notice.

As of July 12, 2021, MEDJET IS TRANSPORTING FOR COVID-19, FOR GLOBAL TRAVEL. We have expanded transport benefits to now include both domestic and international destinations.

Medjet Membership Rules & Regulations, reflecting the new COVID transport benefits, are updated and available on our website as of July 12, 2021. You may request an updated physical copy be mailed to you by calling our Membership Services Department at 800.527.7478.

We remind our members to be safe, and that due to continued governmental restrictions still imposed on many international locations, MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon services can be affected in a number of countries and territories designated Level 3 or Level 4 by the U.S. Department of State.

The U.S. Department Travel Advisory website link is shown below. Countries fall into Levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 with Level 4 being the most severe. For countries designated with any level advisory specifically and only to COVID-19 ("H" advisory code) - Medjet typically has access for our services. Level 4 State Department advisories due to anything other than COVID-19 (H) are restricted pursuant to our rules and regulations. 

Countries can be individually selected from the link and the letter/code shown. These advisory levels are subject to change over time. 

Please also be aware that:

  • Members otherwise eligible for transfer for Covid-19 must not exceed the maximum allowable height, weight and girth requirements set forth by the manufacturers of Covid-19 transport pods utilized in the safe transfer of Covid-19 positive patients. Please contact Medjet if you have questions or concerns regarding the sizing requirements prior to travel.
  • No traveling companions or family members will be allowed to accompany patients transported for Covid-19.
  • If a hospitalized Member is under quarantine by a hospital, a government or any other regulatory entity exercising jurisdiction and that medical facility, government or regulatory entity will not allow transfer, transport will not be possible.
  • The receiving hospital selected by the hospitalized Medjet Member must agree to accept the patient. Otherwise, Medjet’s transport to that hospital will not be possible.
  • The time frame for Covid-19 Specialized Transfer WILL BE extended beyond that of typical medical transports and is dependent on multiple factors including, but not limited to affiliate availability to transfer Covid-19 patients, required permits or permissions and any other factors that are beyond Medjet's control.
  • Benefits are applicable to all current and new Short-Term and Annual MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon memberships.
  • Medjet Platinum Memberships and Domestic U.S. 48 Memberships have additional restrictions noted within their Rules & Regulations.
  • We can neither break nor override a government ordered (U.S. or “host country”) quarantine or border closure. Ongoing restrictions in some areas, and required permit processing, may significantly delay transport service timing.


We appreciate your membership, and are pleased we've been able to expand our COVID-19 transport services. It is always our goal to keep our members safe, and these benefits have been added at no additional membership cost. Happy "back-to-travel"!