By John Gobbels, COO


UPDATED 4/30/2021 4:00 P.M. CST

MEDJET IS NOW TRANSPORTING FOR COVID-19, FOR TRAVEL IN THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS. Locations are updated frequently, some restrictions apply:

  • United States (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Bermuda
  • Bahamian Islands
  • Canada
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Central America
  • Mexico

The safety of our travelers is always our top priority. We have been able to source a suitable amount of aircraft with isolation pods, and crews with proper training, and can now provide our members with hospital-to-hospital medical transport at the level of service they have come to expect. We continue efforts to appropriately cover additional destinations, so please check back frequently, or contact Membership Services at 800.527.7478.

Please be aware that:

  • Members otherwise eligible for transfer for Covid-19 must not exceed the maximum allowable height, weight and girth requirements set forth by the manufacturers of Covid-19 transport pods utilized in the safe transfer of Covid-19 positive patients. Please contact Medjet if you have questions or concerns regarding the sizing requirements prior to travel.
  • No traveling companions or family members will be allowed to accompany patients transported for Covid-19.
  • If a hospitalized Member is under quarantine by a hospital, a government or any other regulatory entity exercising jurisdiction and that medical facility, government or regulatory entity will not allow transfer, transport will not be possible.
  • The receiving hospital selected by the hospitalized Medjet Member must agree to accept the patient. Otherwise, Medjet’s transport to that hospital will not be possible.
  • The time frame for Covid-19 Specialized Transfer WILL BE extended beyond that of typical medical transports and is dependent on multiple factors including, but not limited to affiliate availability to transfer Covid-19 patients, required permits or permissions and any other factors that are beyond Medjet's control.
  • Benefits are applicable to all current and new Short-Term and Annual MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon memberships.
  • Medjet Platinum Memberships and Domestic U.S. 48 Memberships have additional restrictions noted within their Rules & Regulations.

For Medjet services in other international locations, please remain aware that:

  • Members hospitalized for non-COVID related accidents, illnesses and injuries remain eligible for transport to their home hospital.
  • If a member is hospitalized for suspected COVID, Medjet will monitor the case and, as soon as the member is deemed clear, we can begin the process of getting the member transferred to their home hospital of choice. We remind members that given some of the long hospital stays COVID complications can require, Medjet transport benefits remain important protection for travelers.
  • We can neither break nor override a government ordered (U.S. or “host country”) quarantine or border closure. Ongoing restrictions in some areas, and required permit processing, may significantly delay transport service timing.

Medjet Membership Rules & Regulations, reflecting the new COVID transport benefits, will be updated and available on our website as of May 1, 2021. You may request an updated physical copy be mailed to you by calling our Membership Services Department at 800.527.7478.

We’d like to remind our members to be safe, and that due to continued governmental restrictions imposed on many international locations, MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon services continue to be affected in a number of countries and territories designated Level 3 or Level 4. Please double check the Department of State’s Travel Alert for any country you plan to travel to here, or you can call our Membership Services to discuss any plans or concerns.