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Medjet Specialty Memberships.

Studying abroad? Working overseas? Planning a road trip? Personalize your protection with a Medjet Specialty Membership.


Do you need a Medjet Specialty Membership?

That depends. The MedjetAssist Classic Medjet Membership is the premier air-medical transport membership for a reason: It's for the most people in the most situations.

If you live in the U.S., Canada or Mexico; are under age 75; and take domestic and international trips, but usually for less than 90 days at a time, our Classic Medjet Membership was made with you in mind.

On the other hand, if you’re in a special situation — say you’re studying abroad, working long-term overseas, over 75 or just more interested in domestic travel — then a Medjet Specialty Membership may be what you’re looking for in travel protection and medical transport.

The idea behind each of our Medjet Specialty Memberships is similar to the Classic Medjet Membership — to get you home to the hospital you trust if you have a medical emergency while you’re traveling. However, Medjet Specialty Memberships are modified to fit very specific travel situations, so they each have their own benefits and restrictions to know about. Check out all our Medjet Specialty Membership options below.


Medjet Specialty Memberships

Collegiate Membership

Study up on value. Get travel medical protection with the Collegiate Medical Transport Membership — specially designed and priced for college students and faculty who are studying or teaching abroad. Learn More about the Medjet Collegiate Membership.

Short-Term Membership

Quick getaway? Think fast. Get short-term medical travel protection for short trips abroad or in your home country. Learn More about the Medjet Short-Term Membership.

Domestic Membership

Domestic travel medical protection from sea to shining sea. Our Domestic Medical Transport Membership is made especially for U.S. residents traveling within the contiguous 48 states. Learn More about the Medjet Domestic Membership.

Expatriate Membership

Making a home away from home for a while? Get expatriate travel medical protection for long-term international travel. Learn More about the Medjet Expatriate Membership.

Diamond Membership

Who says you have to slow down? Our Diamond Medical Transport Membership is specially designed for active and healthy travelers ages 75 to 84. Learn More about the Medjet Diamond Membership.

Motorcycle Membership (Add-On)

Don’t leave your bike in the dust. Add motorcycle protection to your membership. If you need air-medical transport after a ride, MedjetAssist can transport your motorcycle, too — to your home, or the repair shop of your choice. Learn More about the Medjet Motorcycle Membership.


Want even more protection?

The safer you feel, the more you can focus on the moment. Especially when you travel. That’s why MedjetAssist developed MedjetHorizon. No travel protection membership gives you more control of your health, safety and security when you travel.


Discover the new standard in global rescue travel protection. MedjetHorizon provides all the air medical transport benefits of a Classic Medjet membership, plus worldwide travel security and crisis response. Learn more about MedjetHorizon.

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