Don’t get left in a faraway hospital. 

Get home to the hospital you trust.

Why a Classic Medjet Membership?

We can get you home.

Imagine yourself in a hospital bed. What do you see? Familiar surroundings, a doctor you trust, your family by your side? In your hometown, that’s a perfectly realistic expectation. But if you’re traveling, it’s a different story.

The reality? In a medical emergency away from home, you would find yourself in an unfamiliar hospital — and chances are, you wouldn’t want to stay there. You would desperately want to be whisked away to those comforts you just imagined: Your hometown, your family, the hospital you trust. Or at least one where the doctors speak your language. But how can you get there?

Join MedjetAssist. The premier air medical transport membership program for travelers. In a travel medical emergency, a Classic Medjet membership is your most reliable and affordable path back to the care of the doctors you trust, where your family members can be by your side.

How it works.

If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, MedjetAssist will arrange air medical transport all the way back to your hospital of choice in your home country — regardless of medical necessity — and at no cost besides your membership fee.

Not just the closest hospital. Your hospital back home.

Most other medical transport plans will only take patients as far as the “closest adequate facility.” Too often, this means an unfamiliar hospital in a foreign country, where standards of care may be different from what you are used to. But a Medjet membership can get you all the way back to the hospital you trust in your home country. Our medical transport membership program gives you the freedom, comfort and service that travel medical insurance policies can’t.

All you pay is your membership fee.

Most travelers don’t realize how expensive an air ambulance can be. Long distance medical transport between Europe and America can easily reach $70,000. Middle East and South American air medical transports range from $60,000 to $100,000. Medical transfer from Asia often exceeds $130,000. Yet many travel health insurance plans place caps, some as low as $25,000, on medical transportation and air ambulance cost. A Classic Medjet membership has no limit on the cost of a medical transfer. All our members ever pay is their annual membership fee.

Don't wait.

Join the premier air medical transport membership program for travelers today. 

More Benefits.

What Classic Medjet Membership is all about.

The safer you feel, the more you can focus on the moment. Especially when you travel. That’s why MedjetAssist created the Classic Medjet membership.

Classic Medjet is the premier air medical transport membership program for individuals, families, groups and business travelers. It is the affordable, reliable and practical way to pack more peace of mind on every trip. Of course, a Classic Medjet membership comes with a lot of tangible benefits, too. Check them out here:

All-Expenses-Paid Air Medical Transport

Travel Medical Referrals

Medical Monitoring and Consultation

Telephone Interpretation

Emergency Message Relay

Travel Health and Safety Precautions

Transfer of Mortal Remains

Legal Referrals

Want More? Add Global Travel Security and Crisis Response.

Don't wait.

Join MedjetAssist and enroll in Classic Medjet today.

Less Restrictions.

It's not travel medical insurance. It's better. Here's why.

Because Classic Medjet is a membership program, we have the freedom to serve our members who meet transport criteria without the restrictions that travel medical insurance companies, platinum cards and other travel protection programs are known for.

  • Your hospital transfer is your choice. If you want to go to another hospital, for any reason, and you are stable enough for transfer, Medjet will respond.
  • Medical necessity not required. For Classic Medjet members, there’s no need to have a hospital transfer deemed “medically necessary.” If you want to go, the choice is yours.
  • No cramping your travel style. Classic Medjet members can get medical transfer regardless of restrictions on the amount or type of travel they take. Domestically or internationally.
  • No deductibles, no claim forms, no unexpected fees. Just unmatched control over your healthcare.
  • No need to worry about pre-existing conditions for travelers under age 75.
  • No cap on medical transport costs. MedjetAssist arranges transfer for Classic Medjet members to the hospital of their choice for no extra cost, regardless of the air ambulance or medical transport expenses we incur in the process. All our members pay is their membership fee.
  • Want even more protection? Explore a MedjetHorizon membership. It’s all the benefits of a Classic Medjet membership, plus worldwide travel security and crisis response. MedjetHorizon is the most comprehensive global rescue, health and security travel protection membership available. Learn more.

MedjetAssist can do what others won’t: Get you home, to the hospital you trust. Enroll Now.

Experience Better Travel.

Join the pioneers of the air medical transport movement.

When the unexpected happens away from home, MedjetAssist is the name you want on your side: The most experienced name on the map. 

In 1991, MedjetAssist was the first to pioneer the air medical transport membership concept in the United States.

The original MedjetAssist membership, Classic Medjet, is your guardian, your protection and your peace of mind as you explore the world. Because being stuck in an unfamiliar hospital — be it in San Diego or Santiago — is not on your itinerary.

Now, MedjetAssist has expanded to offer global rescue benefits such as travel security and crisis response in addition to travel medical protection though our MedjetHorizon membership.

Since first taking off, MedjetAssist has forged connections all over the world, building a global network of air medical transport affiliates. At any given time, MedjetAssist has access to more than 250 private air ambulances staffed with highly qualified pilots and specially trained emergency medical personnel, ready to launch at a moment’s notice, from more than 50 locations worldwide. Our vast air ambulance and medical evacuation network means MedjetAssist can respond to our members as quickly as possible from virtually anywhere in the world.

So whether you’ll be taking a road trip across the U.S., or plan to travel overseas and explore exciting destinations far from home, MedjetAssist has an air medical transportation membership to make your travel protection complete.

Take more control of your travel experience. Start your Classic Medjet membership today. ENROLL NOW.

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