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In a travel emergency, a Medjet membership can make all the difference. Our members explain why.

It could happen to you. But you can be ready.

Actual Member Transports

Travel Notes: Costa Mesa to Santa Ana
Member: 68-year old motorcycle enthusiast
Situation: Motorcycle crash, serious injuries.
Response: Stabilized and safely transferred home for care.

Cost of Transport: $11,536.67

Cost to Member: $0

Travel Notes: Bonaire to Georgia
Member: 71-year-old southern gentleman.
Situation: Respiratory failure, then ventilation.
Response: Flown home for continued care.

Cost of transport:

Cost to member: $0

Travel Notes: Greece to California
Member: 56-year old female looking to relax.
Situation: Cruise cut short by a heart scare.
Response: Medical transfer to home hospital.

Cost of Transport: $14,385

Cost to Member: $0

Travel Notes: Kazakhstan to North Dakota
Member: 68-year old globetrotter. 
Situation: MRSA Infection.
Response: Safe flight home for treatment.

Cost of Transport: $7,791.00

Cost to Member: $0

Travel Notes: Cabo San Lucas to Newport Beach
Member: Sun-loving senior.
Situation: Slip. Fall. Fracture.
Response: Air-transferred home for surgery.

Cost of Transport: $18,620.00

Cost to Member: $0

Travel Notes: Seattle to Washington, D.C.
Member: Senior in Seattle.
Situation: Rare brain tumor. Surgery in D.C.
Response: Home for rehabilitation.

Cost of Transport: $6,672.00

Cost to Member: $0

"We joined MedjetAssist 10 years upon a recommendation from a friend who had a friend who had firsthand experience with MedjetAssist.

While at our second home in Maine, my husband fell and re-fractured his femur requiring surgery." Read More.

"You’re bicycling through a French vineyard. Splat! You just fell down and broke a leg. At the hospital, the doctor says that the injury requires a full leg cast. Uh-oh. The full leg cast means that you can’t fly on a commercial airliner. But all you want to do is go home to doctors that you know and trust. What do you do—spend thousands of dollars waiting it out in France—or spend thousands of dollars on a medical transport home?" Read More.

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