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Pro Athlete Injured in Miami | Todd Jones’ Medjet Story

Professional Baseball player Todd Jones is used to injury and illness on the road. But never did he expect a slip and fall on VACATION to land him in the hospital.

Cairo CATastrophy |Tom & Jeannie Walla’s Medjet Story

When a slip and fall at the pyramids landed Jeannie in a hospital full of cats, Tom was anxious to get her home.

Travel Advisors Recommend Medjet Memberships!

Travel Advisors are, quite obviously, experts in the field of travel. And those advisors, from some of the …

Waterfall Jump Crash Landing | John Eyster's Medjet Story

After a bad jump off a waterfall, John was rushed to the hospital. Worrying about his fractured back and his 12-year-old daughter, who was with him on the trip, John called Medjet. We got John AND his daughter back home, across the country where he could continue his treatment at the hospital of his choice.

Medjet Member Story AlaskaMotoGirl

When adventure-seeker @AlaskaMotoGirl (Nikki Misurelli) fell ill in Mexico, she was far too sick to get home to the US for treatment.

Man vs Cow | Ben Roberts' Medjet Member Story

While cruising the Trans-America trail, motorcycle enthusiast Ben Roberts encountered a small but almost lethal critter that put both him and his bike down hard. Luckily, he...

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Jim Dobson, Forbes

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Peter Greenberg, Author/Travel Editor, CBS News


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Wendy Perrin, Travel Expert, US News & World Report


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Lanita Carter, Medjet Member


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Nomadic Matt


“If you're looking for coverage that goes above and beyond what most companies offer, you'll want to consider Medjet —  especially if you're concerned about the cost of a medical evacuation.”

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