Trust MedjetAssist to get you back to your home hospital

MedjetAssist is a unique membership program, not a health insurance plan or travel insurance plan. Medjet will arrange long-distance medical transportation, medical flight and medical repatriation services for members, getting them to the hospital of their choice within their home country with no preexisting condition exclusions (under age 75), health questions, deductibles or claim forms. There is no monetary limit on the program benefits and no restrictions on the amount or type of travel taken. MedjetAssist is the perfect fit for any and all travelers—young and old, domestic and international, groups and individuals. Our medical transportation services are arranged by an expert team of travel and medical professionals who have one goal in mind: to get our members home. What’s more, there are no additional costs to worry about and no limits on total air medical transport expenses.

On-board care

Aircraft operated by MedjetAssist authorized affiliates are fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment and are able to operate as flying intensive-care units. Whether it’s a long-distance medical transport or an international medical transport, all aircraft have the capability of accommodating one critical patient and family member (as long as the health of the patient is not compromised), along with a three- or four-person medical team.

Non-emergency transport

MedjetAssist members are transferred without regard to medical necessity. This means that as long as the member is hospitalized as an inpatient, even if it is not deemed a medical emergency, they can choose to be transferred to another hospital in their home country, even if the facility they are in is considered adequate. This is in direct contrast to many health and travel medical evacuation insurance plans, air ambulance providers and platinum card benefits. Many of those require the transfer to be emergent and medically required—otherwise nothing is covered and the patient can expect to pay an enormous out-of-pocket expense just to get home. But with MedjetAssist—the choice is yours.  

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