International Dialing


Dialing the U.S. from abroad is different than calling long distance within the U.S. or Canada. Each country you visit will have its own country code, and an international prefix that you must dial prior to entering the U.S. number that you are trying to reach. These international prefixes are sometimes called "exit codes". 

If you are dialing from a cell phone, you should be able to bypass the need to enter an international prefix by simply adding the "+" sign (press and hold the "0+" button) prior to dialing "1", then the area code / phone number you wish to call (see image).

You can also use the Medjet App to call us. The click-to-call numbers are already international dialing capable. 

Medjet does not utilize WhatsApp
, or other cell-to-cell programs. If you are utilizing Skype, or other VoiP computer program, you should be able to dial us the same as any other landline in the U.S., using the proper prefix+1+area+phone. 

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Country Code Information 


A full list of countries and international prefixes can be found here:

(Please note: this is a 3rd party list that we've found to be kept updated and accurate, but always double check prior to travel)

For most of Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Mexico and New Zealand, the international prefix (or "exit code") is "00".

For example, from France, for Medjet Medical Transport services, you would dial: 00-1-205-595-6626

For MedjetHorizon Security Crisis Response, you would dial: 00-1-619-717-8549

For some countries, like Kenya, Tanzania and Singapore, the exit code is "000".

To reach Medjet Medical Transport Services, you would dial: 000-1-205-595-6626


Before You Go 

While you may not plan on using your cell phone much while overseas, it is likely the first phone you will reach for in an emergency. International calling plans, with most carriers, are not very expensive, especially if you tightly manage your usage.

We highly recommend you contact your carrier prior to departure, and activate international calling.

We also recommend you do the research on the international prefixes for each of your intended destinations prior to departure, and make note of them. In the instance of an illness, injury or security crisis, you’ll be happy you already have the information you’ll need, and knowledge of how to reach us!