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Your health, your safety, your security — it’s all here with MedjetHorizon, the most comprehensive global rescue membership for travelers. When you leave home prepared for travel’s many possibilities, you’ll be able to see the world like never before.

A MedjetHorizon membership includes all the air medical transport benefits of a Classic Medjet membership, plus travel security and crisis response services.

MedjetHorizon Membership — The Standard for Travel Protection

Medical Transport

Protect your health away from home.

Join MedjetHorizon to enjoy all the renowned air medical transport benefits of a Classic Medjet membership, plus these additional travel health and medical  transportation services:

  • Ground Ambulance Transfer
  • Specialty Hospital Transport
  • Cash Advance for Medical Emergencies

Travel Security

Leave more worries behind.

The safer you feel, the more you can focus on the moment, especially when you travel. That’s the beauty of MedjetHorizon. Our members can call our travel security network for help in a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Political Threat
  • Disappearance
  • Violent Crime
  • Blackmail & Extortion
  • Terrorism
  • Wrongful Detention
  • Hijacking
  • Kidnap for Ransom
  • Personal Travel Advisories

Crisis Response

No hard trigger necessary.

If you need us, you can call us. Unlike other global rescue and travel security membership programs, MedjetHorizon does not depend on hard triggers, like official government-issued evacuation mandates, to act on behalf of our members. Our international crisis responses network is tailored to your individual situation and may involve:

  • Global Evacuation and Rescue
  • Personal Security Detail
  • Medical Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Emergency Translation
  • Emergency Communication to Family

Learn More About MedjetHorizon Benefits

Personal Travel Advisory

This is a great pre-trip planning tool allowing the MedjetHorizon member to create personalized travel advisories and access research to over 260 countries, cities and destinations. Government warnings, health and medical requirements, local laws and customs, and visa and passport requirements are available. MedjetHorizon’s personal travel advisory also provides eTravel Alerts for events that could affect travel plans or travel safety. 

Best of all, once an itinerary is set, an email advisory may be created that will email additional travel alerts before and during travel. 
Personal Travel Advisories Login for MedjetHorizon Members

Existing MedjetHorizon members can log into the eTravel Alert personal travel advisory portal by entering their MedjetHorizon membership number on this page

Travel Security and Crisis Response

Cash Advance for Medical Emergencies

Specialty Hospital Transfer

Ground Ambulance Transfer

Don't Get Left Behind. Become a MedjetHorizon Member Today.

Upgrading your classic Medjet membership to MedjetHorizon is only $149 additional per year for individual memberships and $179 additional per year for families.

Already a Medjet member?

For more information or to upgrade your existing membership to MedjetHorizon, call 1-800-527-7478 and speak with a membership services representative.

Unprecedented Control in Times of Crisis.

Most global rescue membership programs require hard triggers to deploy assistance, but not MedjetHorizon. For example, if an emerging political threat makes you feel unsafe, but a government evacuation has not yet been issued, you can contact Medjet and explain your concern. Our team will assess your situation and develop an appropriate crisis response plan. 

  • No other membership program provides more comprehensive travel protection.
  • No other membership program gives you more control of your health, your safety and your sense of security.
  • Only MedjetHorizon provides a complete answer to travel protection.


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