Gifting Medjet Membership

Give Someone You Love The Gift of Medjet!

What better way to show them you care than with a gift that keeps them safer while traveling? Signing up a loved one for Medjet Membership is easy, but there are a few things you’ll need to know. After selecting what type of membership you’d like to gift them, when you’re ready to enroll them, please have on hand:

  • Full names & birthdays *
    For family memberships, this means spouses/partners and all unmarried, dependent children (under age 19 or up to age 23 for full time students). This information is required and must be accurate.
    * Enrolling age 75+ is a little more detailed, please see Diamond Membership application instructions for those age 75-84.
  • Home residence address
    Residence address is what Medjet uses in determining transport benefit eligibility. This information is required and must be accurate.
  • Effective date
    Date must be prior to travel / prior to departure from residence address. The recipient can change the effective date only by contacting Medjet Membership Services prior to the submitted effective date.


Sign-up and Deliver-To Instructions

A few tips for enrolling a gift membership online! You can choose to have the enrollment cards sent to you to give out, or to the recipient directly. You can also choose to have the confirmation email go to them, come to you directly, or sent to both.

Medjet Gift Giving Instructions

A Few Additional Gifting Notes

Additional Gift Giving Note

Please choose the membership option you purchase as a gift carefully.
We have lots of memberships that fit many different age groups and travel needs: MedjetAssist, MedjetHorizon. Short-Term, Annual, Collegiate, Expatriate, Diamond (Age 75-84), Domestic Only … so please check Rules & Regulations, particularly age and "consecutive days out of home country” requirements, prior to purchase!

Additional Gift Giving Note

Delivery time for membership cards is typically:

  • 8-10 days for MedjetAssist
  • 5-7 days for MedjetHorizon


Additional Gift Giving Note

Cards are not physically necessary while traveling, so don’t worry if you think they won’t arrive in time for travel!
They (or you) can print out the confirmation email and pack that, and/or if they’re an iPhone user, they can download our digital card to their iPhone Wallet app. You could also print out the confirmation letter and wrap that up as your present!

Additional Gift Giving Note

Questions & Concerns
If you have any questions about purchasing a gifted membership, please contact Medjet’s Membership Services department at 800.527.7478.



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