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Medjet is the Premier Global Medical Transport, Travel Security & Crisis Response Membership Program for travelers. We protect thousands of corporations, professional associations, some of the world’s top entertainers, sports figures, Fortune 500 business leaders, educational institutions and professional/volunteer/mission organizations. We have a solution for you.

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Mitigating health and safety risks for corporate and organizational travelers is a vital part of an organization’s Duty of Care.

MedjetAssist provides its members with coordinated hospital-to-hospital medical transfer if an illness or injury happens during domestic or international travel. Getting a sick or injured traveler back to family to watch over them, and care they trust, is a vital part of an organization’s Duty of Care.

Our MedjetHorizon Travel Security and Crisis Response memberships also provide 24/7 access to an in-country response network for a wide range of threats while traveling: terrorism, political threat, natural disaster, disappearance, violent crime and more.

  • 1-in-30 trips abroad end in a medical emergency1
  • 2 million+ travelers each year require medical transport1 ranging from $30,000 to $180,000 that health & travel insurance, Business Travel Accident Plans (BTA’s) and platinum credit card benefits may not cover, and
  • 3-out-of-4 travelers are now concerned for their security even in places they used to consider “safe”

1. The Merck Manual  

Elevate Your Current Coverage

  • Personal safety support has become the organizational traveler’s #1 concern2
  • Enhance your organization’s Duty of Care strategy
  • Medjet is an excellent and affordable addition to any BTA and travel medical policy, offering more control over transfer decisions and zero additional costs for service to either the member or the organization.

2. Business Travel News  

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Medjet Corporate Review | Dr. Edward Wasser MD, CCFP, DAAPM, DCAPM

Dr. Wasser is an Executive Health physician and CEO of MEDEVAQ.

Jim Dobson, Forbes


“I discovered Medjet a few years ago and have purchased a membership every year.”

Peter Greenberg, Author/Travel Editor CBS News


“Medjet does the best job for one very important reason. The fine-print disclaimers…are virtually eliminated. I strongly advise you to consider this.”

Dr. Edward Wasser, President & CEO Medevac (Corporate Coverage Consultants)


“Medjet is a company we recommend that has tremendous expertise and professionalism. I believe in Medjet so much, my family and I are members. My daughter is university age, traveling internationally so I made sure she has all of their services too.”


We pioneered this business. And are still the best at what we do.