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You can buy peace of mind.

It’s called a Medjet Membership. Medjet is the premier global air medical transport and travel security membership program for travelers. One in 30 trips end in a medical emergency, and safety while traveling has become a growing concern. Protect yourself with Medjet.

5 Star Rating

“I strongly advise you to consider this.”

- Peter Greenberg, Author & Travel Editor, CBS News

Insurance gets you to the "nearest acceptable facility".
Medjet membership can get you home.

10 million+

Travelers are hospitalized abroad each year

Millions more while traveling domestically.

2 million+

Travelers each year require medical transport

Ranging from $30,000 to $180,000 in costs that their health insurance, travel insurance and platinum card benefits may not cover.

3 out of 4

Travelers are now concerned about safety

Even in countries they used to consider “safe.”

One Trusted Name. Two Membership Options.

Because we take trips. Not chances.

As a MedjetAssist Member, if you become hospitalized internationally or domestically - 150 miles or more from home - Medjet will arrange medical transportation to a home-country hospital of your choice for inpatient care. All you pay is your membership fee. With medical transport costs ranging from $30,000 to over $180,000, why risk it?

Short-Term Memberships as low as $
Annual Memberships for $

MedjetHorizon includes all the medical benefits of a MedjetAssist Membership, plus worldwide travel security, crisis response and evacuation services powered by FocusPoint International. Terrorism, kidnapping, natural disaster, violent crime and other safety concerns are sadly a growing reality for today’s traveler. Travel safer, and travel protected, with a MedjetHorizon membership.

Annual Memberships start at $
Short-Term Memberships start at $

We say yes. When others say no.

We’re not insurance. We’re better.
Here’s why.

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Arranges medical transfer for the member regardless of medical necessity.


Allows the member to determine to which medical facility to be moved.


Arranges medical transfers in the United States as well as internationally.


Does not require government issued “hard trigger” to initiate security response.


Real Member Stories. 5-Star Reviews.

Cairo CATastrophy |Tom & Jeannie Walla’s Medjet Story

When a slip and fall at the pyramids landed Jeannie in a hospital full of cats, Tom was anxious to get her home.

Jim Dobson, Forbes


“I discovered Medjet a few years ago and have purchased a membership every year.”

Travel + Leisure Magazine


“One of the top rated is Medjet”

Tony Clasen, Medjet Member


“When we got to [the home hospital] I was already scheduled with the hospital’s top surgeon. A nurse asked if I was famous. I told her I was just a guy who had MedjetAssist.”

Howard York, Medjet Member


“I'd tell any other MDVIP Member to buy it”

Member Review,


“Medjet is the best money you will ever spend”

We were the first to pioneer air medical transport as a membership program,
and we are still the best.

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