Travel Agent FAQ

Is MedjetAssist different from travel-insurance benefits because it will take my client to the hospital of his or her choice whether or not it's deemed medically necessary?

Yes. The vast majority of medical evacuation benefits in standard insurance will only take your client to the nearest adequate facility. From there, the attending physician or the provider’s medical director will determine whether it is “medically necessary” to evacuate your client. In other words, they get to decide whether or not your client’s condition even merits a patient air transport. With MedjetAssist, as long as the member meets the medical transport criteria (inpatient status at both ends) and all safety issues have been considered, the decision for transport and home-country hospital of choice is up to our member.

What else makes MedjetAssist's benefits different from standard travel insurance evacuation benefits?

Because MedjetAssist's membership program is a pre-paid supplement to travel insurance, all expenses of the air transport are covered from bedside to bedside, where other programs may include deductibles, claim forms, co-pays and significant out-of-pocket expenses. Also, MedjetAssist has no pre-existing condition exclusions for those under the age of 75, no adventure travel, natural disaster nor terrorism exclusions.

What constitutes a “family” under the family plan membership, and can a family member accompany my client during a patient air transport?

A family shall include the primary member, spouse or domestic partner sharing the same household and up to five dependent children up to age 19 or up to age 23 if a full-time student. Family members, business associates and/or traveling companions may accompany the patient at no additional cost provided space is available and patient care is not comprised.

Is an air medical transport expensive?

Yes. Domestic air medical transport services normally average $10,000 to $20,000, while international transports can exceed $75,000. As a MedjetAssist member, the membership fee is the only expenditure for complete domestic and international protection.

Is MedjetAssist a medical rescue company?

No. MedjetAssist is not a point-of-injury medical rescue company. MedjetAssist is a medical transportation service that provides bedside-to-bedside medical transfer from an attending hospital to the home-country hospital of the member's choosing.

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