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MedjetAssist Health and Travel
A Medjet Elite membership includes a suite of health and travel products, services and discounts designed specifically for savvy travelers.

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Communications Bundle
From satellite phones to international cell phones and BlackBerrys, the Elite communications bundle has a discounted rental solution to keep you connected no matter where your travels take you. Available discounted communication devices include:
  • Free International Cell Phone Rental
  • Discounted Satellite Phone Rental – FIRST WEEK FREE; $49.00 thereafter per week
  • Discounted BlackBerry Rental - FIRST WEEK FREE; $49.00 thereafter per week
Air time and shipping charges apply to all rentals. When ordering an international cell phone, BlackBerry or satellite phone, please remember to allow 48 hours for delivery (Monday through Friday only). Someone must be present at the time of delivery to sign for the phone equipment. Discounted satellite rentals are subject to availability.

Personal Travel Advisories
This Elite perk is a great pre-trip planning tool that allows you to create your own personalized Elite travel advisories and access research to over 260 countries, cities and destinations.

With this benefit, you can educate yourself on government warnings, health and medical requirements, local laws and customs, visa and passport requirements. Medjet Elite’s personal travel advisory also provides travel eAlerts for events that could affect your travel plans or safety.

Best of all, once you have your itinerary set you can create an email advisory that will automatically email you additional travel alerts before and while you travel.

Cash Advance for Medical Emergencies
Many foreign hospitals require payment-in-full prior to treatment. Elite members have access to a cash advance in the event of a medical emergency. Based on their approved repayment guarantee, Medjet will provide access for up to $50,000 to take care of any immediate medical needs.

Online Medical and Vital Health Information Storage As an Elite member, you will have access to secure maintenance of your medical and personal health information, both online and through the medical flash device, making pertinent information immediately available in any emergency situation.

Specialty Hospital Transfer
This exclusive Elite service for travelers up to age 75 goes above and beyond the benefits of the basic air-medical transport portion of a Medjet membership. Should an Elite member require care only found at a specialty hospital more than 150 miles away from their home hospital, Medjet will arrange medical transfer to that hospital at no additional cost.


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